Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday recipes!

You know what?!  I totally forgot about some recipes that I used since I last posted!  I apologize!

I made two pies for Thanksgiving: Chocolate Chip Pie and a traditional Pumpkin Pie.

This pie was definitely a hit!  Everyone loved it.  I will say...I had some trouble with it.  It took waaaaaayyyyyy longer to bake than what the recipe says.  It may have been my fault though.  I ended up with 20 sticks of margarine after my wedding because of an error on my part so I used that instead of butter.  I think that was the mistake.  My pie was a bit more doughy than this picture looks but it still tasted great!
I made this traditional pumpkin pie and my husband and I loved it.  I just added a little nutmeg and the egg white of one more egg.  It baked perfectly!
A week after Thanksgiving, we had an ice storm and were stuck in our house for days.  I had a box of spice cake mix so I made these pancakes!  I didn't make gingerbread ones though...Kevin doesn't love gingerbread so I left the ginger out which made spice cake pancakes!  They were actually amazing!!  I also added some chocolate chips into them which was extra amazing!  I think I'll add the ginger in next time to see how it is!
This Thursday evening, we'll be hosting Kevin's work Christmas party so I plan to make a few desserts and dips then.  I'll let you know how they are!  More holiday recipes to come!


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